Help Higher Education Establishments

With many years experience in working in conjunction with the University IT department we have delivered successful projects.  These have ranged from the delivery of bespoke solutions, implementation of Tribal SITS student record systems through to training and mentoring developers to embrace and adopt modern methodologies and techniques.

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Help Digital Companies

Digital companies come in many forms, with different degrees of experience and technical aptitude.  We offer a bridge to many digital companies who need to take an extra step beyond their own technical expertise.

There are many times where you get that client who wants the extra bit that means you have to either write your own code, use or adapt a standard Content Management System that you’re not familiar with.  This is where we can help, we’ll take a look – let you know our honest view on what you should do; and discuss how we can help.  If its something we cannot do, we’ll know someone who can!

Help Development Teams

Our core specialism is developing solutions for businesses, which provides us with a rich skill set.  This is something that can be leveraged by existing development teams.  Either co-located or working remotely in a noded fashion; we’re able to give your development team the extra capacity or experience that it needs to deliver a successful project.

Our engagement ranges from simple day-to-day burst resource, an increase in capacity to help catch up a late running project all the way through to leading and managing a full project from start to end.

Help other Industries

Not everyone is tech savvy, or heavily involved in the digital sector.  In fact, not every company has an IT department.  Even those that do may not have any development resource or capacity to deliver that extra item needed. Sometimes this falls on the shoulders of someone in the office who “knows a bit about this and that”.  We’re here to help that person.  That person can sometimes feel put upon, or asked to make comments or decisions about a situation that they are not happy with making.

IT Audit & Strategy

Many companies have an IT system that they’ve brought together over the years.  Something that they rely on each day.  Something they cannot live without.  However, they just don’t know how it works, if its fit for purpose, or if its going to survive another year.  We can take a look at what you have, check its running on a stable platform, see if there are savings to be made and see if there are better ways you can use your IT.

Move to the Cloud

A lot of companies don’t understand “The Cloud”.  As with a lot of things new, sometimes the only press seen is the bad press.  This leads to the negatives like “It’s not safe”, “I cannot use it”, “I just don’t understand it, it’s not for me”.  As part of our IT Audit and Strategy we’ll look to see where you can leverage the Cloud and where it will benefit you.  It may provide that extra resilience or capacity to a long in the tooth system you cannot live without and/or bring the savings you need to make.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Bespoke sounds daunting.  It sounds expensive.  It doesn’t have to be either.  We’ve worked on many projects where we’ve maximised the benefits to suit the budget.  To us, bespoke means that we make the solution fit perfectly, and use a latest techniques to deliver a small aspect of your solution that you can start using straight away; allowing you to see return on your investment as soon as possible.  We then continue to deliver additional functionality which is incorporated into your solution so that it remains easy to use as the benefits grow.