Universities are complex organisations with many IT systems installed, developed internally or recently purchased and cloud hosted.   Systems have many different user bases, each one as equally important to each other. These range from not just to Students and Academics, but also Applicants, Professional Services staff, Support staff, Partner College Students and Staff; as well as Alumni.

We understand that the wide and varied user base and that they need to all be considered and their needs incorporated into systems design and implementation. Each will have very different expectations of the systems that they interact with, but all will consider their interaction to be essential when they need to use any system.

Integrating Systems

Integration of the systems can be complex and hard to trace through when something goes wrong.  We’ve helped Universities understand how to implement standards within their systems interfaces either as point-to-point, or through centralised data collection and distribution to reduce the total cost of ownership, along with easier day to day operational management.

Student Record Systems

Student record systems are the lifeblood of any University. We have extensive experience of working within, or leading a team of developers managing in house developed Student Record Systems or utilising Tribal SITS:Vision.

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